The Madness of March

I love sports, well most sports. Anyone who knows me knows I am not much of a basketball fan. I very rarely watch it on television, college or pros, men’s or women’s, basketball just doesn’t do much for me; unless that is,  I am court-side shooting it, and it helps if it is good ball.  I was hired to shoot many of the Greater Hartford Pro-Am last summer. This is a league that has most of the best basketball players from the greater Hartford area. Most of the Uconn team played on various teams , there were also players from Central Conn, Fairfiled, Quinipiac, as well as some pros. To fill out the teams there were everyday guys who were just good ball players. These guys played some great ball, and it was fun to be able to shoot it.  So seeing as March has just started, and the Madness that goes along with it has started as well,  I thought I would put up a gallery of  my favorite basketball shots from last summer. Maybe some of the kids in these shots will make it to the big dance, who knows?

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