Cell phone camera

As I have started to blog and listen to various podcasts, I have learned the value of my cell phone camera. Chase Jarvis had this awesome project where he used his iphone to take photographs and created a book from the stuff he shot. While I am not an iphone disciple, I use my cell phone camera( I have a droid) probably daily. There are several apps you can get, some for pay and some for free, that will tweak the look of the photographs when they are taken, like the look of old polaroids, or a Holga, cross processing, black and white, all kinds of cool stuff on a pocket sized camera, that gives a decent size file, able to be printed out  and still look good. I am not sure where exactly I heard it, but “the best camera is the one you have with you” is such a great quote( I think it was Chase Jarvis once again). Almost everyone has a cell  phone with a camera, why not take advantage of it. Just like any digital camera, one can shoot as much as one wants. If a great photo is created, keep it. If a photo is created that isn’t so great, there is a delete button. It is like a never ending roll of film in your pocket. And chances are that if you practice things with your cell phone camera and can use it to create good stuff, then you will probably be able to do great things with any camera that turns up in your hand. So get out there and shoot. Here, like always are some of my favorites from my cell phone.

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