I have been taking photographs since my parents bought their first 35 mm camera. Since that time I have taken photographs of everything from professional sporting events, to high school senior portraits and family portraits, to news items like fires and car accidents. I have always done my best to capture the action and the drama of the moment.
I would like to capture these moments for you; whether you are looking for a portrait of you and your family, you are a high school senior looking for creative and fun portraits, you are an athlete looking to be photographed during a game or in a portrait specially designed around your particular sport, or a business person who desires a portrait for career related uses. I am available for editorial and commercial assignments.

Please give me a call at (860)919-7975 to set up a meeting where we can talk about what that special photograph is that you want and how we can make it happen.
You can also call or email ( just click on the contact link below) with any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you.

I also occasionally tweet – @PatMattPhoto if you care to follow, and on Facebook : Patrick Matthews Photography.
All of the photos posted to this website are property of Patrick Matthews Photography and may not be used without written permission.

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