I went to New York City last Sunday. I went to play in a table tennis tournament, but like most times I brought my camera with me. I didn’t shoot at all during the tourney, I was staying focused on playing well, but  I did shoot a little before and a lot after. I love walking around NYC,and after I found a place to park, I realized I had a ways to go to get to the tournament. But I was  looking for interesting things that just caught my eye. I love old buildings and the way the fire escapes look, the patterns and details. Bikes are very cool too, especially old, neglected, beat up ones. They seem to be all over if one is looking for them. If I wasn’t so tired from the walk to the tourney, playing, and then the walk back, I would have stayed a lot longer and shot a million pics. As it was I only shot about 50 pics. These are my favorites.


Trees at night

I went to the grocery store one night last week or so after putting the kids to bed. So it was around 11 pm, it was snowing out, cold  with a full or almost full moon. I was driving by the parking lot for a park, and there is a huge light that lights up the parking lot. It is really bright, especially because it is pretty much in the middle of nowhwere, and when you are not expecting it is like a retina burner.  But it made the trees around the parking lot look really cool.  I tweaked some and made them black and white, and others I kept in color.  I thought they looked pretty awesome.  Here they are. Thanks for checking them out.

Beach Black & White

 Hello again.

I recently went down to the shoreline. It was a beautiful day but cold and windy. I froze my butt off shooting for about a half hour. I love the beach and the water. When I got home I ran them through the computer, and turned them black and white. I love black and white prints. It reminds me of when I was getting into photography. I always loved going into the darkroom. Seeing the prints suddenly appear on the paper in the solution was always almost a magical thing.

These are my favorites. But I plan on hiting some other areas along the shore and try to create some more cool photographs.

Flippin’ & Flyin’

I love to shoot sports. So I was really excited when I was asked by my daughters’  gymnastics coaches if I could shoot some practices and use the photos for the end of the year slide-show. It was a fun, eye opening time to shoot. I tried to be the “fly on the wall” during practice. Parents are not normally allowed to stay, and being a 6’3″ mammoth of a man, makes it kind of hard to hide in plain site. But the girls were themselves( at least I think they were ) and I shot away.The lighting in the gym is horrible and they don’t allow flashes for meets, so I shot available light.  I am pretty happy with how they came out. I’ll be going back to shoot some more.

I’ll show you a few, but gotta save the rest for the slideshow.
See ya. Patrick

All images copyright 2011 partick matthews photography.

Hello world!

Hello, I am Patrick Matthews. I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember. I still love the magic of photography, whether it is using a digital slr camera, an older film camera, a plastic “toy” camera, or even my cell phone camera. This blog is just a place where I am going to show some of the stuff I have been doing.  No rhyme or reason to what I am going to put up, just the things that I really love for whatever reason. If you are interested, you can see more of my work at . Please feel free to ask any questions, (I will do my best to answer them in a timely manner) or leave any comments.

 I have never undertaken anything like this so please consider it a work in progress.  This should be interesting, and fun.  Here is a small sample of stuff I have taken over the past 6 months or so. Enjoy.