Gymnastics ( this season so far)

Wow, it  isn’t even the end of March but it feels like the girls ( Kelsey’s gymnastics team) have been going forever.  Well I guess they have been kind of. Training started in September. Meets started in January.  States are this weekend. Where does the time go?  Being the proud father, I have to tell you about my amazing daughter. She has been doing gymnastics on and off for fun since she was about 18 months old. She is now 10, and this is her first year of team ( competition) gymnastics. I am constantly amazed at how strong she is, how she can bend and twist and flip with what appears to be minimal effort, and how much she has grown up during the year. She struts right out in front of all the spectators that are there ( for some of the meets there was a lot) and does her routines, absolutely fearless. Her teammates are a bunch of good kids. It is nice to see that the older girls look after the younger girls, and from my vantage point everyone gets along and cheers  for each other.  Seeing that I almost always have a camera with me, I, of course shot all the girls, trying to get those photographs that show the essence of competition, and gymnastics. I was adopted by the coaches and team as what I’ll call the official  unofficial team photographer.  So here are some of the photographs I have been lucky enough to take over the course of the season so far.  If you want to see more I have four galleries from various meets, with another one in the works, at , not to mention other sports and events I have covered.  Enjoy and have a great day.