Working at the Firehouse

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Trying to blog on a regular basis is hard. I have a new found respect for those people that can write blogs consistently. For those of you that don’t already know, I am a firefighter. In fact that is my full-time job. I spend on average 48 hours a week at the firehouse. It is really the best job in the world. For an outsider, to see us when we actually have to “go to work” it must look like chaos. But everyone has a job, all of them important. I shoot as much as I can at work. Some guys don’t mind, so guys do not want there photographs taken no matter what. I have been trying to shoot a ” behind the scenes” kind of post, to give you, my readers, a glimpse of what happens at the firehouse, going to calls , returning from calls, a day in the life so to speak. For those of you firefighters , or very knowledgeable with the fire service,  please bear with me as I try to educate some of the uninformed people out there.

Now I work on a truck company. This means that when we go to a fire, I get to go break shit. The ladder is in charge of putting up ladders, (obviously), we also do search and rescue, forcible entry( breaking into doors)  ventilation( breaking windows and cutting holes in roofs)   and then salvage and overhaul ( we try to save what can be saved and make sure the fire is put out by opening up walls and ceilings). We also have extrication equipment, for nasty car wrecks; ropes for rescue; tools for just about everything.  We have an engine company that is in the station with us. They have the hoses, and put the water on the fire.  It is like a big team sport, there are usually 16 guys on any given alarm. If more help is needed the Deputy Chief will call for more personnel. If everyone isn’t needed, he will send them back.

Here are a bunch of photos that I have taken with various cameras over the course of last couple of years.  It can be difficult to shoot at work, and obviously I cannot be shooting at the same time I am working at a fire.  I will probably add more as I shoot them or maybe another post. We’ll see.